Thanks for all the help you gave me in my time of need. It is well appreciated. Your kindness is greatly thought of. Thank you again, God Bless and may God be with you always.

I've never had anything fit me so comfortably. I thank you very much for all your kindness. May God really bless your business.

My friend Marganita from Mexico will be very happy with her bra and prosthesis!

Thank you so very much for coming out so early to present the West Wichita Women's Network. Your knowledge about fittings is great. We do appreciate this very much and we really hope you will consider joining our group. We certainly would love to have you.

Thanks again for 'fitting' me so well with my new bras and breast form. It makes feel better about myself.

I am finally getting around to sending this to you. It's the least I could do after you were so nice. I really appreciated you helping me out, without me having any insurance. It's nice to know someone really willing to help others. Please feel free to sort out and do as you like with these bras. I hope they will truly help someone. Thank you so much!

Thank you for the gift certificate for a free a bra. It actually went for $75! Thanks for being a blessing.

Thank you so much for your kindness and for being so patient.

Thank you for donating to Divas on a Dime. It was our most successful event to date and we appreciate you supporting such a worthy cause.

Many thanks for finding my bras - you define the word 'service'.

The bras are absolutely wonderful. Thank you again, Lisa, for your gentle caring!

Thank you for all your help. The bras are great. Very comfortable!


Got my new prosthesis and I love it. Felt heavy of course, but once I put it in and did an exercise class - feels great. Thank you again for taking care of this. Glad I found you - you definitely take the extra time and care where others are too fast and rush you through.


Thank you for the bra. It fits comfortably. I am happy to be doing business with you.

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